New species spotted:  Armstrong Politicians. Win the award ! 7 millions !


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


We have spotted a new species: Armstrong Politicians

and grant a great award to the person who comes with

the finest fitting definition of the said species.


The winner will get 7 million and 7 jellow jerseys.


If you need background to produce ideas

for the finest description, then please read , page 1 and 2.


Yours sincerely

CCE-Group  cce-award














Armstrong Politicians and the camels.

Listening camels. Armstrong Politicians love them.

In regard to subjects he doesn’t know enough of, everyone can be a camel. Listening to Armstrong politicians, lying with pokerface 7 years,  you can believe them. But you do not need to stay a camel. By gathering facts and by applying criteria, laying criteria as a pattern over utterings of politicians, you  become able to differentiate between lie and truth. Let’s apply criteria together !

Win the

Award !